Advisory Committee

Richard Lawton

Richard is the co-founder of Raintree Solutions Group in South Africa, a multiple international award winning consultancy group that has worked across 22 languages and cultures around the world and boasts a client list of some of the world’s largest natural resources companies including Shell, BHP Billiton and Lonmin.

A veteran campaigner, Richard was instrumental in the anti-apartheid struggle and spearheaded the ‘Positive Perspective’ initiative with the backing of the Sullivan signatories, including Anglo American, De Beers, Mobil GM and many other South African and international groups.

In 2011 Richard launched the Spotlight Singapore Business Initiative in South Africa which has significantly increased trade relations between the two countries, particularly in the energy and construction sectors.

Dr. Mufada Kamal

Dr. Mufada Kamal is Chairman of leading Middle Eastern business group AM International and former Vice-Chairman of Al Dhahir Group. He has over 25 years of management and leadership experience with various multi-national corporations in the Middle East.

Dr Kamal has also worked as a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations and is a member of the Iraqi Business Council and the Iraq-American Chamber of Commerce.

Ludovic de Walden

Ludovic de Walden is a Partner at leading international law firm Charles Russel Speechlys, and joint head of the company’s International Dispute Resolution Group.

Ludovic specialises in large scale multi-jurisdictional commercial litigation and arbitration disputes. He is a member of various litigation and arbitration bodies and is a regular public speaker on matters concerning litigation and arbitration.

Zuhal Kurt

Zuhal Kurt is Chief Executive of the privately held Kurt Group whose investments include 6News, a satellite news video broadcast covering Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East; Kurt Systems, a revolutionary race horse training technology; and a real estate portfolio including commercial, residential, and industrial properties in Istanbul and Ceyhan, Turkey and London, UK.

James Spinney

James Spinney is Director of Corporate Finance at leading emerging market merchant bank, Strand Hanson, who have worked in 18 African countries and whose retained African clients have a market cap of c.£500m.

James has extensive experience of cross border transactions, working in New York, Moscow and Johannesburg, as well as being involved in a number of high profile transactions within Europe.

Bradford Machila

Bradford Machila was elected to the Zambian National Assembly as a Member of Parliament in 2006 under former President Levy Mwanawasa. Throughout his tenure Machila held Cabinet posts of Deputy Minister of Justice, Minister of Lands, and Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Development.

Mr Machila obtained his law degree from the University of London.


Henry Sands - Managing Director

Henry is a seasoned communications advisor who has worked across a wide range of international campaigns, with a particular focus upon the Middle East and Africa. He has worked extensively on behalf of political organisations, international corporations and private families.

Prior to founding Sabi Strategy Group, Henry was a Director at CTF Partners, a leading international strategy consultancy, where he was responsible for advising governments and business leaders at the highest levels.

Henry started his career in journalism writing for a range of newspapers and magazines including: The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph and The New Statesman.

Before reading Economic History at the University of Edinburgh Henry undertook a SSLC commission with the British Army where he served with the 1st Battalion Irish Guards.

Kathryn Sturrock - Director

Kathryn specialises in crafting and implementing targeted communications and engagement strategies in developing countries, where she has lived and worked extensively.

At SABI Group Kathryn oversees research projects for clients and on this basis advises public and private entities on how to successfully navigate political, regulatory and operating dynamics through strategic stakeholder engagement. 

Kathryn previously worked for CTF Partners and a leading African management consultancy firm where she ran international and pan-African projects across sectors ranging from mining to FMCG. Kathryn has an MSc in African Studies and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford.

Katy Roxburgh - Associate Director

With dual citizenship from South Africa and Britain, Katy has spent significant time in Sub-Saharan Africa, notably Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa. However, whilst at SABI Strategy Katy has expanded her extensive experience to encompass both political and corporate campaigns globally.

She is skilled at crafting media content, advising clients on both UK and African political dynamics and offering strategic stakeholder engagements across corporate sectors. And with a keen interest in multimedia communications she uses web design, social media and video production to deliver innovative solutions to clients.

In addition, Katy has a strong focus on conservation and social development, working with a number of our clients on the development or expansion of their not-for-profit endeavours.  She previously spent time honing her understanding of the charity sector working at Scott Prenn, the leading international fundraising organisation, where she worked on high-profile political, corporate, and charitable fundraising campaigns.

Mark Hamilton - U.S. Director

A native of Texas, currently living in Austin, Mark is a political and international communications adviser who has worked in over 100 countries.

He has advised various U.S. cabinet secretaries, senior government and military officials, presidential and congressional campaigns, heads of state, high-profile business leaders, and various Silicon Valley companies on communications, event production, international affairs and reputation management.

Mark began his professional career in Washington D.C. During this time, he served at The Pentagon, under then Secretary of Defence, Robert Gates, who was a mentor for him during one of the most dynamic and trying times for the U.S. military and the US’s national security. In 2008 Mark was one of a handful of people to transition from the George W. Bush to Barack Obama Administration.

Most recently he also worked for a high profile international strategic advisory firm to provide governments, corporations, and high profile business and political leaders with discreet strategies designed to enhance their reputation, credibility and increase political influence.

Mark has also worked on numerous presidential and congressional campaigns and has spent significant time in Africa, most recently on political campaigns in Zimbabwe and Zambia. He has previously lived in Washington D.C., New York City and Hong Kong.

Lucy Knight - Associate

Lucy began her career on Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign in 2016, where she was responsible for the Field Outreach team’s successful campaign in New Hampshire.

Following this, she joined a leading digital communications firm in London as a Project Manager on their political team. During her time there she worked on campaigns ranging from grassroots-led campaigns in the Middle East, to corporate projects in Latin America, Asia and North Africa. 

Lucy has a BA in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Exeter. She is also currently undertaking a part time MA in Global Diplomacy in the MENA Region at SOAS University in London.

Max Roch - Consultant 

Having previously worked for CTF Partners, Max has experience ranging from national campaigns to private individuals. Independently he has worked on political campaigns in Africa and the Middle East, with a focus on digital strategy, intra-party communications and workshops in campaigning tactics.

Prior to this he obtained a MA in Geopolitics, Territory and Security from King’s College, London.